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We Are On A Mission!  The Skolex Store is committed to providing you with products for your soil and plants that are 100% aligned with the principles of sustainable gardening and agriculture and make indoor and outdoor gardening more productive, safe, and enjoyable. 

Sustainable Gardening and Agriculture.  Sometimes it really is simple.  Look at Nature, understand how it works and emulate it. That's it.  For thousands of years farmers have understood the amazing benefits of worms in their soil.  Somehow along the way we have forgotten what these amazing creatures can do for us.

At the Skolex Store and in conjunction with its technical partner Skolex Biotechnologies, we are harnessing the power of earthworms to transform unwanted organic materials into the World's best Organic Fertilizers, soil feeds, and plant nutrients.

Together WE have an impact locally and globally.  Our commitment to helping take care of the world around us, and our active support of organic farming and sustainable agriculture helps protect our planet. When we harness earthworms to transform unwanted organic materials into soil and plant nutrients and you purchase and use this material in your planters and gardens we are together saving valuable plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and many trace elements from being sent to a landfill and additional fossil fuel use required to replace them.

This "recycling" of plant nutrients allows us to avoid:

  • contamination of waterways (lakes, streams, and oceans)
  • contamination of the air (greenhouse gases and horrible odors)
  • increasing the size of landfills,
  • reduces our dependence on fossil fuels which are used to make synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, and
  • reduces the amount of fresh water required to maintain our plants and landscapes.

It is truly amazing that all of this can be accomplished by utilizing 100% Organic, earthworm prepared soil and plant fertilizers.

Think herding cats is difficult?  Trying herding worms, they never sleep.  We are a small company with very busy employees who are committed to herding, as well as collecting, packaging, and shipping Skolex Castings, so that you can meet your wildest gardening dreams without worrying about what you can not see in the soil.  Let us do that. 

 We welcome your comments and remember:

"Feed your soil and your soil will feed and protect your plants"

Now get out there and grow something!

The Skolex Store


The Skolex Promise

You have a right to know what types of food the worms are eating to create the Skolex Castings (Organic worm fertilizers). We will provide this information using descriptive product logos and documentation. 

This information allows you to make informed decisions concerning:

  • the type of Organic Fertilizer you wish to use inside and outside your home,
  • your support for community recycling efforts that hold specific interest to you, 
  • a desire to avoid products produced using animal wastes and biosolids (wastewater treatment plant solids)
  • a desire to optimize your gardening and landscaping activities.

This promise includes our PEAT FREE guarantee. Skolex Castings will not be prepared with or contain peat, sphagnum moss, or any other material mined from wetlands or non-sustainable resources.


Why the Skolex Promise is Important 

All worm fertilizers (worm castings) are 100% Organic but they are not all the same. The fertilizer content, trace mineral content, and the types of microorganisms provided will be different and reflect both the foods that the worms are fed and the characteristics of the worms living conditions. The handling and directions for worm castings use can also vary depending upon what the worms have been eating. 

This situation is to be expected and is similar to composts which also differ depending upon whether they are made with animal manure, mushroom culture wastes, yard trimmings, or kitchen scraps. Likewise, there are many different types of synthetic fertilizers including fast and slow release and products designed for specific plant types or garden applications. Synthetic fertilizers have very few trace elements or minerals, and do not provide microorganisms. 

Gardeners and their families have a right to choose which types of fertilizers they use inside their homes and outside their homes in their gardens. This choice allows gardeners to support specific community recycling efforts, choose fertilizers with or without trace minerals, or high nitrogen contents, avoid animal wastes and biosolids if they wish, and understand whether their fertilizer was produced with materials or feedstocks that are mined using environmentally unfriendly practices or from non-sustainable sources.

One of the simplest methods of relaying this information to gardeners is with the Skolex product label and logo. Skolex Biotechnologies has developed a series of Skolex Castings labels and logos that quickly indicate to the gardener what foods and materials were used by the worms to create the castings (fertilizers).


Identifying Skolex Logos

Skolex labels each contain a small picture in the upper right hand corner of the logo identifying the source of the materials used to feed the worms...corn, coffee grounds, etc, in addition to the NPK content.


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