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  • Watershed Academy – Webinars Worth The Time

    The EPA provides a series of great free webcast seminar through their Watershed Academy. There are great archived webinars plus upcoming webinars in 2014. Take a look! From the EPA site: Local watershed organizations, municipal leaders, and others are invited to sign up for these free, on-line webcast training sessions. Attendees must register in advance to participate in webcasts.

  • Flowers Hate Showers?

    Last week's post generated several comments questioning the benefits of showers for indoor plants. I am not a believer. It may not be "common wisdom" but houseplants hate showering (with or without you) and it's not just because they have been talking to the cat. Before you start shouting comments similar to those reserved for mid-western governors or North African dictators, hear me out.

  • Watering Plants…Rain, Tap or Other…Continued!

    Where we left off – “to stare at the bucket of tap water or not to stare at the bucket of tap water”;  will the chlorine leave under either condition?  Well, as was noted in the last post, if your bucket contains tap water with chloramine, you will be staring at it for a very […]

  • Watering Plants…Rain, Tap, or Other?

    We learn at any early age to ask, “What’s in it?”  Sometimes the answer is easy, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes it’s just “eat it.”  Forgetting the latter, people concerned about their health and gardeners concerned also about their plant’s health need to understand what is in their water as well as their soil. Frequently, […]

  • Eat Local; Eat Healthy; Sunflower seed Sprouts (Sunnys)

    Some folks make New Year’s resolutions to exercise, eat healthy, and change their lifestyles.  Some are even more ambitious focusing on eating locally grown foods.  The truly ambitious set goals to eat something every day that they grew personally.  Crazy you say?  Well maybe, but it really is not that hard to do.  We are […]

  • Thanksgiving for Menhaden

    Today is Thanksgiving and for many that means turkey, pie, and other tasty treats.  It is also a time to tell a few popular US Thanksgiving stories.    One popular story and accompanying imagery involves long tables of food where Native American Indians and Pilgrims feasted on the annual harvest.  While the sharing of a […]

  • Worms soon to work at North Carolina Airport

    Fertilize Locally just published a Post noting that worms will be used to produce organic fertilizer at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) next year. The worm castings fertilizer will be used on site.