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Fertilizer Art

The organic gardener’s perfect replacement for traditional fertilizer spikes!

What is Fertilizer Art?  Fertilizer Art is a combination of four key traditions...

  • Organic worm castings, a great plant nutrient.  Prepared using 100% Organic Skolex Worm Castings
  • Mychorriza fungi, which supports improved root growth and water uptake.
  • Slow release solid forms providing a continuous release of nutrients
  • All painted with Renaissance techniques of egg tempera with natural pigments like algae 

Egg tempera was developed during the Renaissance period (14th-17th Centuries) and popularized by famous artists including Michelangelo (Sistine Chapel) and Botticelli (The Birth of Venus). Our tempera paint is made by mixing eggs with organic and inorganic pigments such as algae and vegetable powders.

How do I use Fertilizer Art?   It is easy!  You can….

  • Crumble directly into a planting hole, one piece per 4” pot
  • Crumble into the plant surface and water over when watering
  • Crumble into your watering can and let slowly dissolve for form worm casting tea

Beautiful and Beneficial!  Start using Fertilizer Art today!


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