2 lbs Skolex Worm Castings

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The perfect size for indoor potted plants or to send as a gift!  Skolex worm castings are a 100%, all natural, slow release fertilizer created by feeding worms organic materials such as fruit & vegetable cuttings, coffee grounds, and cellulose materials, The rich soil-like material contains all the major plant nutrients and a wide range of micronutrients such as calcium and iron. Skolex worm castings also provide numerous beneficial soil fungi and bacteria that revitalize and sustain a healthy soil environment. Skolex worm castings can be used indoors and outdoors as frequently as desired, they will never bum plant roots. Use to feed all types of plants and start seeds. Add worm castings to water to make an extract and use to water plants. Use of Skolex worm castings will allow you to reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers / pesticides and have healthy more drought tolerant plant